About UVAC Swim School


The mission of the Upper Valley Aquatic Center is to teach infants, children and adults how to swim in a safe and fun environment.


How do I know when my child can stop swimming lessons?

Knowing how to swim means that a person can maintain themselves indefinitely in the water. To do so requires the ability to exhale used air and inhale new air. That's called Aerobic Swimming. (Just like being able to talk while you jog!) Our standard is that a person should be able to swim 300 yards non-stop, and swim 6 different styles of swimming to be considered a "swimmer." 300 yards is important. Scientists have found that humans can swim 200 yards without being able to breathe effectively. But without the ability to breathe effectively, eventually that person will get in trouble, and possibly endanger their life. We go 1/3 beyond that point to set the standard of 300 yards of non-stop swimming.

How long will it take to learn to swim?

This depends on your child's age and level of fitness. It may take 2 or more sessions of eight lessons each for preschoolers to learn the basic skills of floating, kicking, returning to the wall and rolling over on their back to breathe, float and rest. Older students that have mastered the first skills of breathing, floating and kicking will learn more rapidly.

What ages do you teach?

Infant (6 months) through adult, small group, private and semi-private lessons for all ability levels.